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  • Vegetafruits competition - Novembre 2011

    The Vegetafruits competition is closed. The results will be announced in January. NB : cliquez sur l’affiche pour la voir en grand Dessin N°1 Dessin N°2 Dessin N°3 Dessin N°4 Dessin N°5 Dessin N°6 Dessin N°7 Dessin N°8 Dessin N°9 Dessin N°10 Dessin N°11 Dessin N°12 Dessin N°13
  • Holidays & Festivals - Novembre 2011

    You are going to do some research on holidays and festivals in English speaking countries. For Thanksgiving, July 4th, Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day click here. For Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, St George’s Day, St David’s Day, St Andrew’s Day and St Patrick’s Day click here. For Diwali click here. When you have all the information you can complete this chart. You can also look at the Happy Everything poster we looked at in the (...)
  • Vegetafruits - Octobre 2011

    First find out what you can about the artist Arcimboldo and look at his works here. Then read the page here and complete the texts about Mr and Mrs Vegetafruit. Make sure you know a lot of vocabulary abour fruit and vegetables by completing the worksheets ! Now in pairs you are going to create your own Mr or Mrs Vegetafruit. They will be put on the school website and pupils (and teachers) will be able to vote for the best one ! A little prize "made in England" will reward the best picture. (...)