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  • Halloween 3ème / 4ème - Octobre 2011

    Here’s a Halloween Quizz you can try and there’s also a Halloween Wordsearch, with some very difficult words to find. Then you can watch a slide-show and play a game here . After that you can have fun reorganizing mixed up sentences here. Finally if you are very brave you can watch a very scary video here
  • Le Prétérite - Octobre 2011

    Pour t’entraîner à utiliser le prétérit voici quelques activités. Clique ici pour compléter un roman photo et ici pour écouter et écrire les verbes que tu entends. Pour terminer tu peux essayer une dictée facile tout au prétérite ici
  • Oliver Twist - Juin 2011

    First watch the video here about Charles Dickens’s life and complete the sheet your teacher has given you. Now you are going to read ten short texts about what life was like for children in Victorian England and do a short quiz after each one - click here. Keep a note of your score - maximum score 30 / 30 ! If you’ve finished, find out much as you can about the film Oliver Twist, by Roman (...)
  • Junk food - Mai 2011

    DAY 1 1) First find a definition of "Junk Food" here - write it down. 2) Look at the picture attached and describe it in 3 or 4 lines. 3) Now study the Food Pyramid here - take a few notes. 4) Next you can look at and play with the Interactive Pyramid here . 5) Finally you can play some games here, here and here. Have fun ! DAY 2 Watch the video and complete the worksheet your teacher has given (...)
  • Rosa Parks - Mars 2011

    To find out about Rosa Parks first read this here then do the quiz here and finally do the crossword puzzle here - when you’ve finished complete your paper crossword
  • Martin Luther King - Mars 2011

    First quickly read this comic strip which tells the story of the life of Martin Luther King here Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything ! Then watch this simple Powerpoint presentation. Now you can do the webquest your teacher has given you - it is attached too if you lose it !
  • Liberty Bonds - Février 2011

    In the attached document you can study the poster for Liberty Bonds
  • Ellis Island reading - Février 2011

    Listen to the recording, practise repeating after me, then practise reading alone. Finally you will record yourself reading on the dictaphone in class.
  • The American Dream - Janvier 2011

    We are going to study the American Dream for a couple of weeks. To start off you are going to discover Ellis Island. First you have to do a webquest and complete the sheet your teacher has given you by clicking here. After that you are going to prepare a little talk about Ellis Island in twos. First you must complete the Preparation sheet. As a support to your talk you must prepare a mini poster (A4 size) with one or two photos and the main facts you have learnt about Ellis Island. For (...)
  • Job interview - Janvier 2011

    Listen to the job interview and complete the gaps in the text on your worksheet.
  • Merry Christmas - Décembre 2010

    3èmes : Voici quelques jeux et activités de Noël

  • Jobs - Décembre 2010

    Learn / Revise the vocabulary related to jobs with the following activities ! First click here and do all the activities, then click here to some some more ! You will : 1) Learn the vocabulary, 2) Match the words with the pictures, 3) Match the pictures with the sounds, 4) Do a crossword !
  • Prononciation - Novembre 2010

    Pour vérifier le sens d’un mot et surtout écouter et répéter sa prononciation cliquez ici. Tapez le mot dans la case, puis "search". Pour l’entendre cliquez sur "pronunciation" - ensuite répétez plusieurs fois pour bien fixer la prononciation.
  • 3°2 / 3°4. For or since ? - Novembre 2011

    To revise the present perfect with for and since look at the lesson we did in class with a few exercises here. Then to practise click here then here.
  • 3°2 / 3°4 : Present perfect - Novembre 2011

    Here are some exercises to practise the Present Perfect (also called Have-En) Try and do them all. Click here Then do these exercises : you have to choose between the Present Perfect and the Simple Past (Prétérite) : here, here and here.
  • 3ème : So & neither - Septembre 2010

    Pour réviser "So & neither" clique ici. Tu y trouveras 3 séries d’exercises - fais les toutes !
  • 3°4 : Réviser les questions au prétérit - Septembre 2010

    Avant le contrôle entraînez vous ici à poser des question ouvertes au prétérit. Attention il y a 15 items à l’exercise C et 25 à l’exercise D.